New 85 Lifeboat

[NewLifeboat.jpg] Lifeboat Annette Mary Liddington
The new 85 class lifeboat at Beaumaris is the third generation B-Class Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) developed from the Atlantic 21 and later Atlantic 75. The Atlantic class of lifeboats is named after Atlantic College, where the design was originally developed.

Like previous RIBs it has a manually operated self-righting mechanism, deploying an airbag mounted atop the A-frame arch. It is capable of being beached in an emergency without sustaining damage to engines or steering gear. The Atlantic 85 is fitted with radar and VHF direction finding equipment and can be operated safely in daylight in a force 6/7 and at night in a force 5/6. 

The new lifeboat launched to its first incident on 16th January 2010.

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