Blue Peter Lifeboats 

Blue Peter IIBlue Peter is the longest running children’s television programme in the world and has been supporting the RNLI since 1958. During this time, Blue Peter has held four fundraising appeals for the RNLI which has funded 25 lifeboats at stations around the UK.

An inshore lifeboat station was established in Beaumaris in May 1967, when a D class inflatable, funded by the BBC Blue Peter was placed in service. This was replaced in 1976 with an Atlantic 21, the Blue Peter II, generously donated as a result of a BBC Blue Peter Appeal.

Video: View 1976 Blue Peter feature about the new Atlantic 21 Blue Peter II Lifeboat in Beaumaris.

Blue Peter Lifeboat Outside StationThe Blue Peter II was involved in a dramatic rescue of the yacht, Tanivy which resulted in an RNLI award being given to Helmsman John Charles Askew in recognition of his service in 1976.

A new boathouse was completed in May 2000. The new station B class Atlantic 75 lifeboat Blue Peter II was placed on service on 4 September. It was funded by Blue Peter viewers from the proceeds of The Pieces of Eight Appeal, November 1993.

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