Beaumaris Lifeboat - Friars Bay Slipway

Friars Bay



The lifeboat house and deepwater roller-slipway was constructed in Friars Bay in 1914, to house the Frederick Kitchin Lifeboat.

Frederick Kitchin

The Frederick Kitchin was built in 1908 at a cost of £3,727 and was the first Motor Lifeboat for Beaumaris. She was on service in Beaumaris 1914-1945.

Picture courtesy of Mr. Huw Williams.


Field Marshal and Mrs Smuts

The Field Marshal and Mrs. Smuts was built in 1945 at a cost of £13,865. She was on service in Beaumaris 1945-1977.



Greater London IIThe Greater London ll was built in 1955 at a cost of £32,188. On service in Beaumaris 1977-1989, previously stationed at Southend On Sea. The station was awarded an RNLI bronze medal in 1982 for the rescue of the crew of a fishing vessel in a treacherous storm force and blizzard conditions. In 1989 she was re-named Gallichan after the Coxswain who was awarded the Bronze Medal.

The Robert


The Robert was built in 1960 at a cost of £34,826. On Service at Beaumaris 1989 - 1991. She was the last all weather boat to be stationed in Beaumaris.




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