Coxswains from 1831 

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Coxswain  Owen Roberts
Penmon Lifeboat  1831 - 1861

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Coxswain Robert Roberts.  Penmon Lifeboat  1861 - 1897
Picture by Courtesy of


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Coxswain William Pritchard.  Penmon Lifeboat 1898 - 1915
Picture by Courtesy of
Lt. Col.V.J.C.Cooper.


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Coxswain Harry Wright.  Penmon Lifeboat
1915 - 1918

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Coxswain William Matthews and his dog  Tibby  1918 - 1938
Photograph by Courtesy of
Mrs. Margaret Jones

Peter Matthews
presenting his
Grandfathers cap
to Beaumaris Lifeboat
Operations Manager.

At the recent Beaumaris Lifeboat Open Day  we were extremely pleased to have as one of our visitors Jenny and Peter Matthews.
Peter is the grandson of William Matthews who was Beaumaris Lifeboat Coxswain between 1918 to 1938 and also during the war years 1939 to 1945.
Peter and his family had travelled from their home in Birmingham to present us with a treasured possession, William Matthews original R.N.L.I. cap.
He also left  with us a collection of photographs and the original birth certificate of Glyn Matthews,  Williams son and Peters father.

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Coxswain Jim Jeune 1938 - 1939  Went away to War
Returned  was Coxswain again
1945 - 1953

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Coxswain  Hugh Jones.  1953 - 1966
Photograph by Courtesy of
Mrs. Carol Davies ( Daughter )


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Coxswain Harold  Jones.  1966 - 1972
Photograph by Courtesy of
 Margaret Jones Harolds  wife.

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Coxswain William Pritchard. 1972 - 1980
Photograph by Courtesy of
 Mrs. Margaret Jones

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Coxswain David W. Gallichan.  1980 - 1991
Awarded Bronze Medal 1982
Photograph by Courtesy of
Mrs. Margaret Jones

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Bowman Norman Jones and Coxswain Harold Jones.
Photograph by Courtesy of
Mrs. Margaret Jones.

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Second Coxswain W. Hender  1938   Approx.
Photograph by Courtesy of
Mrs. Margaret Jones.

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Colonel  R. A. Davidson

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