Crews over the Years

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Penmon Crew with Trywn Du Light and Puffin Island in rear of picture.
( Left to right ) R.Williams.  J.Burton. J.Hughes.   R.Roberts ( Coxswain )1861 - 1897
W.Roberts. Son of R. Roberts.  W. Pritchard  ( Coxswain (1897 - 1915 ).
Photograph by kind permission of  Lt.Col. V.J.C.Cooper.

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(Left to Right ) Robert Roberts.( Coxswain )
 Owen Roberts. W.M.Preston.( Hon Sec ) John Williams. Ned Thomas
Two People on right unknown.
Photograph by kind permission of  Lt.Col.V.J.C.Cooper.

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( Left to right  ) Huw Roberts ( Launcher ) W. Girling Senior.  Ben Thompson.  
        -? Thomas ( Mechanic ) Charles Perchard.  Wil Thomas.  R.J.Jones.
(Front Row ) John Lewis ( Launcher ) Huw Jones. Joe Hender. Thomas Hughes.

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Penmon Lifeboat Coxswains. Coxswain W. Pritchard ( left )  1898 -  1915
Ex. Coxswain R. Roberts ( right ) 1816 - 1897
Photograph by kind permission of Lt Col. V.J.C.Cooper.

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Crew of the " Frederick Kitchin " - 1940's  ( Left to Right ) Billie Hender. 
Wilfred Girling. Ben Thompson ( Mechanic ) William Matthews ( Coxswain ) 
Gus Jeune. John Girling. Elias Gallichan and another unknown
Picture by Courtesy of Mrs. Dempsy Mr. Girlings Daughter.

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Left to right ( dark jacket ) Captain Lynch John Morris.  John Girling.  Eric Evans.
Harold Jones. William Pritchard. Norman Jones. David Gallichan.
On the Field Marshal and Mrs. Smuts.
Picture by Courtesy of Mrs. Margaret Jones

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Beaumaris Lifeboat Crew ( Left to right ) Billie Hender. Hugh Jones. Wilfred Girling Jim Jeune. Norman Jones. Harold Jones. David Reed.  Ben Thompson.
Picture By Courtesy of Mrs. Dempsey

smutscrew.jpg (71181 bytes)

Field Marshal and Mrs. Smuts Crew. (Left  to Right )  Harold Jones. Wilfred Girling.
Philip Bradley. Wilfred Owen. Hugh Jones. Bob Jones. Joe Clayton. Eric Evans. John Girling, Arthur Gaunt. Bertie Jones.
Photograph by Courtesy of Mrs. Carol Davies. Daughter of Coxswain Hugh Jones.

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Wilfred and John Girling ( each side )
of Harold Jones.


girlingfour.jpg (50206 bytes)

Jim Jeune on Field Marshal and Mrs. Smuts.


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Coxswains ( Left to Right ) Hugh Jones. Harold Jones. William Pritchard and  David Gallichan.   


Beaumaris Lifeboat Crew when they Opened the Boat Show at Earls Court in London 1982.  
( Left  to Right )    Mike Stone,   Gareth Parry,  David Gallichan
 David Jones, Eric Jones, John Latcham.


bppresenters.jpg (33920 bytes)

Blue Peter presenters in 1974 with the new D Class I.L.B.        
 ( Left to Right ) Peter Purves. R.N.L.I. Inspector  and  John Noakes.

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1967  -  The First   " BLUE PETER II "   D. Class Inshore Lifeboat.
Bill Roberts ( left )      Glyn Jones ( right )

glynsmutts1.jpg (52100 bytes)

Field Marshall and Mrs Smuts in 1969 Coxswain  Harold Jones.
2nd. Coxswain Eric Evans .  Roy Jones. David Gallichan. Glyn Jones.

glynsmuts2.jpg (65583 bytes)

Beaumaris Lifeboat " Field Marshall and Mrs. Smuts "
When it was called to the assistance of  M.Y.Zephyr. on the 2nd. September 1956.
Coxswain Hugh Jones.   2nd. Coxswain Harold Jones. Bowman Norman Jones. 
1st Mechanic Wilfred Girling. 3rd. Mechanic Eric Evans.Joe Clayton. Roy Jones. Arthur Gaunt. M.E.Hulme ( Guest )

missburton.jpg (39859 bytes)

Miss Mary Conway Burton who was Station Honorary Secretary of 
Beaumaris Lifeboat Station from 1953 to 1960

A very Remarkable Lady who whatever time the Lifeboat returned could be found waiting on the end of the Pier with flasks of hot soup and cocoa for the crew.


medal.jpg (49491 bytes)

These Medals were given by the Family of the Late Miss Mary Conway Burton.
Freeman of the Borough of Beaumaris.
Hon. Sec. of Beaumaris Lifeboat. Chairman of Beaumaris Ladies Lifeboat Guild.
Mayor of the Borough of Beaumaris.
The Medal  was presented to Miss Burton in recognition of her valuable help   -  
 in 1939

model1.jpg (55142 bytes)

This Model of the  " Field Marshall and Mrs. Smuts "
Made by local Man Mr.Rowland Brimecombe was given to Miss Mary Burton
for her services to Beaumaris Lifeboat Station.
Now on view in the Beaumaris Lifeboat shop.

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