Lifeboats from 1831

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Henry Dundas Built in 1890 at a cost of £667
On Service in St. Mary's.  Isle of Man.
1891 - 1895 Later re - named Tom & Jenny -
On Service in Beaumaris 1896 - 1911 Taken to Rosslare Harbour
Broken up in 1911

The Third Christopher Brown
Built in 1896 at a cost of £514

Stuck in Sand on Old SlipPenmon at Low Water 1903
There were two previous boats
called Christopher Brown dating from 1868

The Frederick Kitchin Built in 1908 at a cost of £3,727
Beaumaris's first Motor - Lifeboat 43'
On Service in Beaumaris 1914 - 1945
1950 Renamed " Lady Pat " Cabin Added - Yacht
19 ? Re - named " Jackie Maxwell."
1997 Auctioned at Teesmouth.
Picture by Courtesy of Mr. Huw Williams.

>>See Latest Update below


Updates of the Frederick Kitchen towards bottom of the page

Field Marshal and Mrs. Smuts Built in 1945 at a cost of £13,865
On Service in Beaumaris 1945 - 1977
1977 - 1979 Relief at Crosshaven Boat Yard.
1979 Bought by K. Page of Castletown for £50.
Motor Yacht Conversion at Kelly's Boatyard. Port St. Mary's Isle of Man.
Renamed " Llas - Sah - Dee " owned by Mr. D. Hassal of Conwy
Now in Bangor - Up for Sale in
Dickies Boat yard Bangor. North Wales
Now owned by Mr. Keith Shawcross of Port St Mary Isle of Man.
The vessel is berthed in Castletown where renovations are taking place.

The Greater London ll Built in 1955 at a cost of £32,188
( Civil Service No. 30 ) On Service in Beaumaris 1977 - 1989
Previously stationed at Southend - on - Sea where she rescued 139 lives.
1989 Unaltered and Re-named " Gallichan " after Coxswain who was awarded the Bronze Medal.
Re - berthed at Brixham and used as a Pleasure Boat.
Now believed to be on route to Barcelona

The Gallichan, formerly Greater London ll (as above )
This craft is now pictured at Puerto Ginestra Marina near Barcelona
and looks to be extremely well maintained.
Photograph by kind permission of :-
Jordi Montoro & Adolfo Ortigueira Gil

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The Robert Built in 1960 at a cost of £34,826
The last all weather boat to be stationed in Beaumaris.

1960 - 1975 On Service Broughty Ferry.
1978 -1984 On Service Baltimore. Southern Ireland.
1985 - 1988 On Service Lytham - St. - Annes.
1989 - 1991 On Service at Beaumaris.
Sold out of Service and now named" Harriet Clare "
Unaltered and used as a Pleasure Boat on the
River Loire Briare France.
2003 Purchased by Allchorn Pleasure Boats, Eastbourne to
provide lifeboat experience cruises in the area.
She is in original service condition and the name restored to
The Robert.
This lifeboat is the only R.N.L.I. craft that has served on stations in
England - Ireland - Scotland and Wales.
23rd July 2008 UPDATE :
Allchorn Pleasure Boats have now sold " The Robert " to
Mr. Richard Henderson of Maidstone and the boat will be berthed on the upper reaches of the river Medway.
They advise us that she is still in almost original condition and appearance. She will be maintained to that standard.

Photo's kindly sent to us via e-mail from
Mr. Christopher Hunt. 16TH. JULY 2005

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Blue Peter II Inshore Lifeboat
Built at a cost of £88,000 Funded by Blue Peter Television Viewers.
On Service at Beaumaris since June 2000

cooperboathouse.jpg (42365 bytes)

The 1868 Lifeboat House at Penmon. Now a private house.
On the Slipway is the Last Christopher Brown Lifeboat.
Replaced in 1913 by the Motor Lifeboat the Frederick Kitchin
Photographs by kind permission of Lt. Col. V.J.C.Cooper.

cooperchrsboat.jpg (25027 bytes)

One of the Christopher Brown Lifeboats
Photograph by kind permission of Lt. Col. V.J.C.Cooper

coopersettlecb.jpg (92320 bytes)

The Dedication of the " Christopher Brown " in Settle North Yorkshire.
( Probably on route to Beaumaris )
The first of three Lifeboats of that name presented by the people of Settle. North Yorkshire. Photograph by kind permission of
Lt. Col.V.J.C.Cooper.

cooperlastchrisb.jpg (35559 bytes)

Christopher Brown The first of three Lifeboats of that name presented by the people of Settle, North Yorkshire.
The Photograph shows the launch of the first of the series in 1868
Photograph by kind permission of
Lt. Col. V.J.C.Cooper.

cooperchrisbrown.jpg (34801 bytes)

Christopher Brown
The man who funded the first three Lifeboats of that name with a model of his First Lifeboat
Photograph by kind permission of
Lt.Col. V.J.C.Cooper.

coopermedalfive.jpg (41738 bytes)

28th. January 1878 Robert Roberts ( Right ) was awarded his Bronze medal by the Royal Humane Society. (Names not known of the other two men)
Photograph by kind permission of Lt. Col. V.J.C.Cooper.

fkherringqueen2.jpg (79529 bytes)

Update of The Frederick Kitchin
The whereabouts of Fredrick Kitchen was unknown since 1997 until we received an e-mail saying that this vessel was alive and well in a
Boatyard at Blyth in Northumberland where she is being restored.

FKherringqueen3.jpg (65288 bytes)

After she has been restored ( photo promised later ) she will be operating as a Fishing vessel under a new name of " Herring Queen "
But she was SOLD AGAIN.

Bought by a new owner November 2004 in Northumberland.
Renamed...." BALLYHEO DREAM "
We had the pleasure of meeting the new owners when they called in to see us at Beaumaris Lifeboat Station recently. ( April 2005 )

The enthusiastic new owners are trying to trace some of the original fittings and extending the cabin so they can live on her.

Boarding ladder for their dog "Harvey"
More photographs promised later upon completion when the vessel will be moored somewhere on the river Trent...
Watch this space !!


Sad news arrived via e-mail telling us that Ballyheo Dream previously named The Frederick Kitchin sank on Friday 26th August 2005.
This occurred in the main, due to the weakening of the inspection hatches initiated by a storm, this combined with and the subsequent towing into Grimsby marina caused it to sink.


We are pleased to be able to report that " Ballyheo Dream " has now been raised and taken ashore...

Harvey's photograph with authentic mud after being recovered
from Ballyheo Dream
after the disaster.

Harvey Before launch. Ready to launch After Launch


Frederick Kitchin now re-named
Ballyheo Dream
Built in 1908 at a cost of £3,727

New Photo's arrived
Friday 23rd Sept. 2005
by kind permission of
Ballyeo Dream's owners.

The start of the clear up operation ! Original propeller with new nut.

Very reluctantly the owners have decided after this
set back that they will not be able to continue with the restoration.
( Update to follow at a later date about the situation )

Frederick Kitchin
Latest update 25/5/07

Out of the blue after the previous sad news of the " Frederick Kitchin "
we now learn that she has a new owner and definitely has a future.
The new owner has moved her from the Humber to his yard in Manchester and although there is a huge amount of work to be done the hull appears to be sound. For further development watch this space.
Photo's show the " Frederick Kitchin " on her way to her new temporary home.
More information and photo's to follow as work progresses.


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