Station History

Beaumaris Lifeboat Station

Established 1891

The station was established in 1891 and closed in 1895 when Penmon was

provided with a more powerful Lifeboat.

1830  Silver Medal awarded to David Griffiths for the rescue by rope 40 to 50 men,

women and children from the emigrant ship " Newry "that was wrecked off the

Lleyn Peninsula on the16th. April 1830.The Master ordered the mainmast cut down to

form a bridge between the ship and shore, using this three hundred and seventy five

people were saved, 40 to 50 ofthem by Mr. Griffiths with the help of three labourers

who received a monetary award.

1831  Silver Medals and Silver Boats awarded to William Lewis Walker and

Ralph Williamson for the rescue by boat of 22 people from the Steam Packet

" Rothsay Castle " that was wrecked in horrendous weather on the night of the

18th. August. Over 120 people were lost.

1854 The smack " Two Brothers " of Aberystwyth was, during a north easterly gale,

stranded in Red Wharf Bay on the Anglesey coast. The crew of three men, after much

difficulty and risk were rescued by a shore boat manned by John Price and eight

others. It was nearly four hours before the boat could reach the wreck, although the

distance fromthe shore was not more then one mile.

John Price was awarded a Silver Medal.

1911  Lifeboat and Slipway constructed at a cost of over £4.500

1913  King George V inspected the new Lifeboat whilst it was at Cowes and took

a trip in her.

1959  A Letter of Appreciation signed by the Chairman of the Institution was sent

to the coxswain and crew for standing by the Greek tanker " Essar 1 " throughout

the night of 27 / 28 October in extremely severe weather conditions.

1967  Inshore Lifeboat Station established in May with the placing on service of a

D class lifeboat. The cost of the lifeboat was met by the BBC Blue Peter Appeal.

1976  D class lifeboat withdrawn and replaced with an Atlantic 21 Lifeboat.

The cost of the Lifeboat wasmet by the BBC Blue Peter Appeal.

The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum accorded to Helmsman John

Charles Askew in recognition of his service on the 23rd. October when the crew of

two were rescued from the yacht " Tantivy " Letters of Appreciation were also

presented to crewmen Gareth Parry and Huw Williams.

1978  The Thanks of the Institution inscribed on Vellum accorded to helmsman

David Jones in recognition of his service in the Atlantic 21 Lifeboat on

23rd. July 1977, when the yacht " Rosskop " was saved. Letters of Appreciation

were also presented to Dr. J. Dubberley, Simon Dubberley and John Charles Askew.

1982  Bronze Medal was awarded to Coxswain David Gallichan in recognition of the

courage, judgement and seamanship displayed by him when the lifeboat

" Greater London 11 " ( Civil Service No. 30 ) rescued the crew of two of the fishing

vessel " Wygyr " that was in difficulties at the northern end of the Menai Straits in a

strong south - south easterly gale rising to storm force and a blizzard on the

13th. December 1981. The launch was found and taken in tow but after the line

parted the two men were taken on board the lifeboat.

A second attempt to tow the craft failed and she blew ashore and broke up.

The two men were landed safely at Menai Bridge.

n Medal Service Certificates were also presented to each of the other crewmen involved

in the rescue - Second Coxswain David Wynne Jones, Motor Mechanic Eric Jones,

Emergency Mechanic David Cooke and Gareth Parry, and to lifeboat - men Michael

Witkowski, John Latchem, Brian Roberts and Paul Kopyto.

Letters of Appreciation were sent by the RNLI to shore - helpers. Stanley Zalot,

Michael Stone, David Jones and Peter Dickie.

1983  Atlantic 21 Lifeboat - house extended to provide improved crew facilities.

1991  Further extension to Atlantic 21 Boat house was constructed to allow the

housing of the lifeboat and launching tractor, coupled in-line and also integral

souvenir sales outlet.The All Weather lifeboat was withdrawn on the 7th. of July

and the station re-graded to an all year round ILB Station.

1998  A Framed Letter of Appreciation signed by the Chairman of the Institution was

awarded to helmsman Martin Broughton and also Letters of Appreciation to

helmsman Mike Stone and Simon Bunting for the service to the yacht " Moonstorm

which had gone aground in south-south westerly winds of force 10 / 11 with recorded

gusts of force 12,rough seas, 6'swell and poor visibility in the early hours of

the 24th. October.

2000  New boat house completed May 2000. The new station B Class Lifeboat B768

was placed on service on the 4 th. September 2000.

This lifeboat was provided by the viewers of the BBC Childrens Programme Blue Peter

and was funded from the proceeds of the " Pieces of eight appeal " in November 1993.

2001   Letters of Appreciation were awarded to Barry Jones, Simon Bunting,

Robert Charlton and Justin Zalot for their service to two vessels requesting assistance

in north westerly force 6 winds.The yacht " Innovation " was having difficulties off

Puffin Island. One crew member was put aboard and was able to pilot it to a mooring.

The lifeboat continued to Penmaenmawr to the vessel" Island Time which had put

out a Mayday stating that they were taking in water.

Eventually they were towed to Conwy Marina.

The helicopter stood by in case further assistance was required.




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