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Beaumaris Lifeboat Services

  August 25th 16:05 Plas Newydd
A 18 foot motor boat collided with a rock in the Swellies and then got into difficulties near Britannia Bridge. Beaumaris lifeboat was launched and placed a lifeboat man on board, then towed the boat to Porth Daniel
  July 13th 16:30 Llanddwyn Island
The lifeboat launched to a broken down 19' cruiser with 2 persons and a dog on board at Llanddwyn Island, and towed the vessel towed to Caernarfon
  Sunday 09:00 am The Swellies

Holyhead coastguard requested the Beaumaris lifeboat launch to another Three Peaks race yacht that had run aground at The Cribben in the Swellies.  The yacht was assisted off the rock by the lifeboat crew and refloated safely to continue down the Menai Straits.

  Saturday 15th June Caernarfon Bar

Holyhead coastguard paged requested the Beaumaris lifeboat launch to a yacht that had run aground off Caernarfon Bar in the Three Peaks Race.  The crew went to assist the yacht, but as one of the rules of the race stipulates no outside assistance is allowed, the race contestants decided to wait until they refloated. 
  June 9th 16:10 Penmaenmawr
The Penmaenmawr Safety Boat found an abandoned jet ski near Penmaenmawr and also a person in the water nearby. Holyhead Coastguard requested Beaumaris Lifeboat to proceed to the scene to render assistance. On arrival, the Lifeboat crew assisted the Safety Boat crew to carry the survivor to a waiting ambulance.
  June 9th 1300 Puffin Island
Beaumaris lifeboat launched to render assistance to a motor cruiser which had an over-heating engine. The vessel was near Puffin Island and a member of the lifeboat crew was placed onboard to assess the situation. The casualty vessel, motoring on one engine, was escorted to the Fairway Buoy and then handed over to Conwy ILB.
  May 25 18:05 Y Felinheli

Beaumaris lifeboat launched to Felinheli to tender a jet ski that had run out of fuel.  The jet ski and rider were towed ashore by the lifeboat crew.

  May 25 15:45 - Lavan Sands

Holyhead Coastguard received reports of 3 jet skis ran aground on Lavan Sands opposite Friars Bay.  With high tide not until 8pm, the Beaumaris lifeboat launched to offer the jet ski riders assistance but they decided to stay with their craft to wait until they float off so they could return to Conwy.
  May 5th - Caernarfon

Beaumaris lifeboat was launched to render assistance to a yacht which has suffered engine failure near Caernarfon.  The yacht was towed to Caernarfon and the one person on board was taken ashore by the lifeboat.
  May 24th 20:30 Menai Bridge
The lifeboat was called out to a report of a person jumping into the water at Menai Bridge. After conducting a search, Holyhead coastguard concluded the call was a hoax and the lifeboat returned to station
  February 3rd 20:15 Port Dinorwic

Holyhead Coastguard requested the lifeboat to attend an incident where a person was threatening self harm in the vicinity of Port Dinorwic dock to be on hand in case he jumped into the water. The person may have had a knife and the crew were warned of this possibility.

The lifeboat launched but the person was apprehended by the police before the boat arrived on scene. The lifeboat was then released to return to station.
  February 1st 14:30 Menai Strait
Holyhead coastguard was notified of a large object drifting in the Menai Strait. The Beaumaris Lifeboat launched and discovered a small craft in a state of disrepair near Bangor Pier. After a further search to confirm no one was in the water, the lifeboat returned to station
  January 4th 3pm Menai Bridge - First shout of 2013
The Coastguard reported that a motor boat with four persons on board had suffered engine failure close to the pier in Menai Bridge. Beaumaris lifeboat was launched to render assistance and towed the vessel to safety. The weather was F5.
  October 19th 23:30 Menai Bridge
The lifeboat launched to a person in distress on the Menai Bridge. The lifeboat was recalled when the Police brought the person into custody.
  October 9th 18:37 Menai Bridge
A broken down speedboat near Puffin was given assistance by another vessel, the lifeboat launched and took over to tow the vessel with 2 persons on board to Menai Bridge
  October 7th 2:45 Dinas Dinlle
The coastguard received a report of 3 persons in the water clinging to an upside down rib. On arriving at the scene the lifeboat located the persons ashore and the upside down rib had washed ashore. The persons were given assistance by the coastguard, and the lifeboat returned to station. 
  October 3rd 4:02pm Menai Strait
A member of the public spotted a small tender with 2 persons on board in difficulty in the Menai Strait near Gallows point. In a sudden squall with reduced visibility and torrential rain the  Beaumaris lifeboat was launched. After a quick search the casualties were located on the shore at Penrhyn Dock where they had just arrived. 2 lifeboat crew were put ashore to check they were ok and then the lifeboat returned to station.
  September 20th 17:15 Menai Bridge
Beaumaris lifeboat was launched to render assistance to a female on Menai Bridge who was thought to be in distress.  The person was helped to safety be the Police and the lifeboat returned to the station.
  September 8th 8:35am Puffin Island (cancelled)
Holyhead coastguard paged the lifeboat crew to launch for a broken down motor vessel at Puffin Island. The crew of the vessel reported they had made their way safely and so the launch was cancelled.
  September 8th 2:39am Caernarfon Victoria Dock
North Wales police requested the lifeboat assist with a male person drinking heavily in Victoria Dock. The lifeboat launched and got as far as Plas Newydd, the crew were informed that the police now had the situation under control and so the lifeboat returned to station.
  September 3rd 13:58 Penmon
Lifeboat was launched to recover a person from a kayak who had capsized near Trywyn Penmon. The casualty was taken on board the lifeboat and brought back to Beaumaris Lifeboat Station where an ambulance was waiting.
  September 2nd 16:30 Menai Strait
The lifeboat was launched to a broken down motor vessel with two persons on board opposite Beaumaris pier.  One crew member boarded the vessel to secure a towline, and the lifeboat then towed the vessel to the Porth Daniel slipway in Menai Bridge.
  August 28th 20:30 Menai Strait
Holyhead Coastguard received a 999 call reporting a red flare sighted across from Beaumaris towards the mainland. Beaumaris Lifeboat were asked to investigate. After a search, it was determined that the flare had been fired from the shoreline and the lifeboat returned to station.
During the incident, the lifeboat was targeted by a high powered laser which caused the crew some discomfort. The Police are investigating.
  August 19th 8:45pm Penmon Point
The lifeboat was launched to rescue 3 persons who were cut off by a rising tide at Penmon Point. The lifeboat took the persons on board and transferred them safely to the shore.

The lifeboat was then requested to respond to a second rescue close to Penmon Bay. A RIB had suffered a mechanical failure in Penmon Bay. The casualty vessel was towed back to Gallows Point and safely recovered.
  August 16th 6:45 pm The Swellies, Menai Strait
Holyhead Coastguard received a call for a yacht aground on Platters rock in the Swellies. The Beaumaris lifeboat launched to the vessel which had 2 persons on board, and towed the yacht to a deep water mooring in Menai Bridge.
Services Continued